Heathrow Airport in 2 minutes

Heathrow Airport – A lap in 2 minutes

Heathrow Airport – The Perimeter Road

The video takes you on a high speed tour around London Heathrow Airport (LHR) in just 2 minutes, passing through terminals 2, 3, 4 & 5 along the way.

Using a GoPro strapped to the front of the car we took this video early on a Saturday morning. The time and day was chosen to allow a fairly traffic free drive around the airport with less stoppages than a weekday or rush hour may have given.

We have speed the video up 16x with the sections through the terminals at 8x to allow a little more time to view those. The video starts on the on the Northern Perimeter Road outside the Renaissance Hotel London Heathrow. We progress westwards past the Business Parking and car hire lots towards terminal 5. Entry into terminal 5 from this direction means a loop around the Sofitel Heathrow before rising up the ramp into the drop off area.

There are two drop off lanes at terminal 5, both are available for use by public vehicles and in common with the rest of Heathrow there is no charge to drop passengers. Terminal 5 is the British Airways UK hub and as such the vast majority of flights from here are theirs. If you are travelling in Business or First class then you may want to use the doors at the far end to enter the terminal, check in for those classes of travel is at that end of the building.

From terminal 5 we progress anti-clockwise around Heathrow Airport towards terminal 4, passing the VIP Windsor Suite along the way. Entry into terminal 4 past the wonderful and well connected Hilton Hotel London Heathrow Terminal 4.

After leaving terminal 4 we continue anti-clockwise around the airport on the Southern Perimeter Road before turning across the eastern end of the runways at Hatton Cross tube station. Onwards towards the newly refurbished terminals 2 & 3. Both terminals are served by the same drop off area that is accessed through tunnel under the 27R runway.

Lastly as we leave terminals 2 & 3, head back through the tunnel and exit we return to the start and the Renaissance Hotel.


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Heathrow Hotels with Car Parking

Heathrow Hotels with Car Parking – where is best for your flight?

Heathrow hotels with Car Parking

The majority of Heathrow hotels can be found to the north of the airport situated along the Bath Road, with easy access from the M4 and M25 and with relatively little airport noise its a great location. These hotels are good for Terminals 2,3 and 5 with easy access to any of those via Taxi’s or the Hoppa Bus service. Terminal 4 on the southern side of the airport has a few hotels dedicated to its terminal.

Its worth noting that Heathrow is served by London Underground with those trains stopping at all terminals. Travel between terminals on the underground is free, you are only charged is you journey on wards into central London. With terminal 4 some way from the others journey times are not quick, it is though free transport that may allow you to stay at an alternative hotel.

The main Heathrow hotels with car parking all have good restaurants and with those on the Bath Road so close together it may be that dinner in another hotel will better suite your preferences than dinner in your own hotel. If all else fails there is a McDonald’s in amongst them.

M4 or M25

The majority of Bath Road hotels are to the left of the M4 junction with a few including the very good Sheraton Hotel to the right. The Bath Road is a two way divided highway and whilst you can use side roads to turn it takes time with traffic lights and so on.

If you are arriving anti-clockwise on the M25 then keep an eye on the traffic around the M4 junction, it can at times back up on the approach to the junction, and as the M4 splits for Heathrow and central London. When busy you may be better exiting the M25 for Terminal 5 and then using the Western Perimeter Road to make your way to the Bath Road hotels. Again if arriving anti-clockwise on the M25 with heavy traffic between the M3 junction and Heathrow consider taking the M3 towards Twickeham and then into the airport from the eastern end.

What about aircraft noise?

When it comes to noise pollution there are two man factors to consider when looking for Heathrow hotels with car parking:-

  • Heathrow flying hours
  • Hotel Location

Heathrow has restrictions on when planes can fly and how many night flights can operate. There are very few flights between 11.30 and 06.00, with the numbers limited on an annual basis. Within this time period the majority of night flights are between 04.30 and 06.00.

Whilst the flying operations at Heathrow are outside of your control the location of the hotel is very much your choice, and not all the hotels are flight noise free! The map below indicates the main Heathrow flight paths, with the runways generally swapping mid afternoon between landings and take offs to distribute the noise.

Heathrow hotels with car parking on the Bath Road

The good news is that the majority of hotels on the Bath Road run parallel to the runway and as such there is very little noise from the planes.

There are a few hotels in West Drayton, the Crowne Plaza for instance that are very isolated from the airport. In addition the Sofitel at terminal 5 despite being on the end of the runway is so well sound proofed you again get very little aircraft noise.

Further to the east along the Bath Road the hotels get closer to the flight paths and whilst they are still well sound proofed there may be some aircraft noise.

Hotels for Terminal 4

Lastly Terminal 4 on the southern side of the airport and served by, amongst others by the Hilton T4 also alongside the runway and well shielded from aircraft noise.

Heathrow Flight Paths and Hotels


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Heathrow Hotels with Pool

Heathrow Hotels with Pool – Time for a Dip?

Fancy a swim? Staying at Heathrow? Then this post is for you

Heathrow Hotels with Pool

If time allows then what better way to relax than a dip in the pool. We thought it would be a great idea to put together this mini guide to Heathrow Hotels with Pool, not so much the highs and lows as the deep and shallow. Which pools are great for kids, for leisure or for a work out.

If we had to choose a favourite it would be the Sheraton Skyline, a big pool in an open airy atrium with cocktails from the pool bar. We have stayed and used the pool many times with lots of fond memories.

Family Pools, Leisure Pools or Exercise Pools

Whilst some pools are great for kids, others are better for adults. Some are best suited to a leisurely swim whilst others are great for exercise. Find the right one and everybody will enjoy their dip.

If you have had a long drive in the car and want to let the kids burn off some pent up energy then the pool at the Park Inn hotel is a good bet. The Pace Health Club sits alongside the Park Inn and is free for guests to use, the pool is 14m x 7m with a good sized area around it for non swimmers to sit and relax. Along with the pool there is a gym, steam room and sauna. The changing room has lockers and showers, towels are provided.

Another great pool for kids can be found at the Sheraton Skyline. It is a good sized pool where adults can also enjoy a leisurely swim. The pool is set in an atrium that forms the center of the hotel, tress, loungers and comfy seating make it a lovely place to spend some time, and of course swimming is optional.

The Sheraton Skyline is unique at Heathrow with its swim up pool bar that serves both to the pool and to the seating areas. Beer, wine and a great range in cocktails are on offer. The changing area is to the rear of the pool, its good to note that lifts to bedrooms can be found either side of the pool and that you do not have to approach through the main lobby if you do not want to.

If you are looking for Heathrow Hotels with Pool that are a little more intimate, less kids more leisurely dip then try the Hilton at Terminal 4. The pool is towards the back of the hotel and hidden from the main public areas, its not large but is nicely set out with panoramic windows to the outside.

The pool is open from 6.00 to 22.00 weekdays and then 8.00 to 20.00 at weekends. Children are allowed in the pool but only between set hours. Whilst the Hilton Terminal 4 forms part of that terminal it should be noted that the Hoppa Bus service is available to the other terminals and that the free underground service to all terminals is only a short walk away.

Lastly if you after a pool where you can get some lengths in then The Crown Plaza should tick the box. The 16 meter pool offers swimming lanes aside from the main pool. Children are allowed in the pool but only between set hours. In addition to the pool there is a steam room, Jacuzzi and sauna. There is plenty of space around the pool to sit and relax.

The Complete List Heathrow Hotels with Pool

Hotel NameStar RatingMiles From AirportTime to AirportParking On SitePoolGymAccessible RoomsFamily Rooms

The Park Inn Heathrow T5


Crowne Plaza West Drayton


Marriott Hotel Windsor Heathrow


Heston Hyde Heathrow T5


Hilton Hotel London Heathrow Terminal 4

4On Airport5YesYesYesYesYes
Holiday Inn Shepperton402NoYesYesYesYes
Marriott London Heathrow41.225YesYesYesYesYes

Novotel London Heathrow


The Park Inn Heathrow Airport


The Radisson Blu Edwardian Heathrow Airport


Sheraton Skyline London Heathrow


Thistle Hotel London Heathrow



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Our Story

Our Story – Our Love for Travel & Why You Park and Fly

Our Story

This is Our Story and the story of You Park and Fly. We love travel, the chance to see new places, meet new people and learn new things. And with the ease that flying today offers it is a privilege we are very fortunate to enjoy. From our first days as a couple we saved every spare penny towards our next holiday, we still do today.  Those dark winter months can be brightened by planning where to go next, researching flights, hotels, things to do and see. Conversations can be filled with adventures to come as the count down to departure draws closer.

So travel was part of us, as work and family are also a huge part of us. Engineering fills my days, electronics and computing. My wife is devoted to the NHS, specialising in cancer care. And with all that a career in the NHS brings so we have both become deeply evolved in the wider charitable community and support that runs alongside the NHS. A career in cancer care and the fragility of life that exposes also brings a want to enjoy the very best of every day. It would be remiss of me not to link in our friends in the charity office at Poole Hospital, I am sure they would love to hear from you.

So our story is one of working hard to let us travel together, and with the family, whilst where we can offering help to our friends and colleagues to do the same.

Why You Park and Fly

Living in southern England holidays for us often started with a flight from Heathrow or Gatwick and with the distances involved we needed to park the car of stay the night before in a Airport hotel. We found Holiday Extras, they did our Airport Parking and Hotels, we used then many times always with a positive experience. And so when thinking of a project to learn web authoring and to indulge our love for travel then working for Holiday Extras seemed a great place to start.

You Park and Fly adds our personal passion and experiences to the award winning platform provided by Holiday Extras, to I hope give our visitors something a little extra. And as a little extra for those that have read this far is you hop over to our contact me page and say hi I will be able to send you back a 5% discount code over and above the great prices you will find at Holiday Extras.

Our Story Continues

Today You Park and Fly hopes to offer a great mix of reviews and advice alongside some tools, stories and even a word search for the kids. If you get a chance to look at the Plan Your Holiday section then we have a new app that helps to plan the complete journey from your front door to the airline gate. Just select your airport, travel distance, flight type and a couple of other answers and hey presto your journey time will pop up.

Well that our story. We would of course love to hear yours, travel tips, which airport hotel is best, where to park. Would be great to hear your review and stories and with your permission add those to our site.

Oh and the picture? That’s our daughter have having her face painted whilst on holiday in Orlando and visiting Animal Kingdom, just love that picture and the memories behind it. We stayed in the Park Inn before the flight!.

Our Aims and Values

  • Share our passion for travel.
  • Present clear, correct information.
  • Great value for money.
  • An open honest approach.


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Thistle Hotel Heathrow Park and Fly

Heathrow Terminal 5 Driver less Pods – The Ultimate in Convenience

Heathrow Terminal 5 Driverless Pods

When you want to park and fly Heathrow Business Parking T5 driverless pods will whisk you from car park to terminal, in your own personal transit pod in just over four minutes.

The four seat computer controlled electric pods run on their own track from the Business Parking T5 car park directly into British Airways terminal 5, with plenty of space for luggage, and comfortable seating they are the ultimate in convenience.

Once you have parked your car make your way to one of two convenient stations, and using the touch screen controls call your pod. Once inside press the go button, sit back and let the pod take you on its journey.

As well as being easy, quick and convenient the pods are helping to reduce traffic and pollution from around the Heathrow site by saving many thousands of bus journeys per year.

A hotel with a view and Pod parking

In addition to the dedicated Business Parking for the Driverless Pods the Thistle Hotel Terminal 5 has access to the Pod network. Staying at the hotel, with its own Pod Terminal give you quick, taxi or shuttle bus free access to the terminal. The Thistle also enjoys one of the best views of the airport with panoramic windows in the dinning room.

Heathrow Hotels

London Heathrow Hotels – which airline is at which Terminal?

With four terminals, 84 airlines and 80 million passengers each year Heathrow is a big place. But plan ahead and take it one step at a time and it will all make sense. And use our detailed Heathrow Hotels page to find the one best suited for your needs.

Whilst this is a guide to which airlines fly from which terminals please check your flight details, things change on a daily basis as operational pressure impact.

Heathrow Hotels

We have hotels at all the terminals to suit every budget and taste. Premier Inn on the Bath Road is great for a budget stay where you want those little extras, The Park Inn is great for families, whilst the Sofitel is great for Terminal 5 and a splash of luxury.

If you are travelling into Heathrow via the London Underground then have a look at the hotels around the eastern end of the Bath Road. The Moxy Hotel Heathrow is a good choice, with easy access to Hounslow West station.

Heathrow Terminal 2

Star Alliance Members. Aegean, Air Canada, Air China, Air India, Air New Zealand

Heathrow Terminal 3
Oneworld alliance members American Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Finair, Japan Airlines, Qantas, Royal Jordanian, Sri Lankan and some British Airways.

Heathrow Terminal 4
Skyteam Alliance airplines, excluding Delta and Middle Eastern, which use terminal 3. Oneworld Malaysia Airlines and Qatar. A380 flights for Etihad, Korean Air, Malaysia Airlines and Qatar. Note British Airways A380 flights operate from Terminal 5.

Heathrow Terminal 5
The majority of British Airways flights. Typically short haul from Terminal 5A with long haul from Terminal 5B or C.

Proposed changes to public areas at Heathrow Terminal 2 to protect passengers from car exhaust

How many terminals are there at London Heathrow Airport?

You could be forgiven for thinking that with Terminal 5 there are 5 terminals at Heathrow, you would be mistaken there are actually 4.

Since Terminal 5 opened in 2006 Heathrow has been on a major refurbishment programme with all the other terminals updated or renewed. It was a ambitions programme that has delivered some fantastic and world class results, both Terminal 2 and Terminal 5 have won the Skytrax World’s top terminal award.

  • 2006 Terminal 3 updated to receive Airbus A380
  • 2008 Terminal 5 Opened
  • 2009 Terminal 4 refurbishment
  • 2010 Demolition work starts on Terminal 2 to make way for its £1 billion replacement
  • 2014 New Terminal 2 opens
  • 2015 Terminal 1 closes
City of Swansea Landor Livery

British Airways Landor Livery retakes to the skies

Continuing its centenary celebrations British Airways 747 City of Swansea G-BNLY landed at London Heathrow Airport sporting the historic Landor livery. The design adorned British Airways planes between 1984-1997 and features the To Fly. To Serve moto, a stylised Union Flag and the airlines’ centenary logo. The aircraft was repainted in Dublin and will continue to fly various long haul routes in these colours until its retirement in 2023.

British Airways already has another 747 flying in the British Overseas Airways Corporate (BOAC) scheme and will complete the trio with a British European Airways (BEA) painted Airbus A319.

Heathrow Airport Family Hotels

Heathrow Airport Family Hotels – The Park Inn Heathrow Terminal 5

Heathrow Airport Family Hotels

There are lots of London Heathrow Airport Hotels but The Park Inn Heathrow is one of the few focused on the family and making sure all of you have the chance to rest, relax and get into that holiday spirit. We have been lucky enough to stay here a few times at the start of our family holiday adventures and have always been very impressed. What makes the Park Inn a Great Heathrow Airport Family Hotels?

  • Easy access from the Motorway network
  • Plenty of parking
  • The Pool – after a long drive for the kids it was a lifesaver!
  • Great restaurant
  • Proximity to Terminal 5
  • Its a big and for little ones exciting hotel.

Relax By The Pool

Reception is to the right of the main entrance, although as a tip is you are parking to the side or rear of the hotel look for entrances on those sides, it may save a outside walk in a wet day. There are plenty of lifts to the bedrooms. After that and if time allows then it might be the chance to spend some time by the pool whilst the kids let off some steam, or maybe its a chance to steam yourself in the Whirlpool or Sauna, or maybe its cheap Heathrow Airport Family Hotels that you are looking for.

Perhaps its a relax over Costa Coffee or a treatment at the ki Spa.  Whatever takes your fancy the Park Inn Heathrow offer the chance for all the family to wind down and relax into the holiday spirit.

The Park Inn, part of the Raddison Group and the largest Heathrow hotel was refurbished a couple of years back with the bedrooms becoming brighter and gaining wi-fi, air-con and other modern conveniences. You can choose from double rooms, family or interconnecting rooms that are great for giving growing teenagers a little more space and freedom.

If you fancy a walk before bedtime then crossing the Bath Road you will find yourself on one of the Heathrow perimeter roads, turn left and you will be able to walk fro some time. Aircraft either land or take-off from the runway to your right with that rotated through the day to help reduce noise in the local area. There is also a traditional London Pub The Three Magpies just across the road from the Park Inn.

Kids Eat Free

The RBG Bar is nicely set out with plenty of space for couples, families and groups. We have always found the food and staff approachable and with our children enjoyed the excitement of the holiday-eve at the Park Inn restaurant on a number of occasions. The menus and Grill offers Signature Burgers, Steaks, Pasta and Salads, there is a full bar with a decent wine and beer selection. If you are travelling with children aged 8 or under then they can eat for free of their own special menu.

Easy Access

Located just off the M4 and on the Bath Road the Park Inn Heathrow Airport Family Hotels is easy to access from both the M4 and the M25. If you are arriving clockwise on the M25 then exit for Terminal 5 and make your way to the bath road. The hotel has masses of parking, if spaces are tight then have a look towards the rear of the hotel for more options.

In the morning when it is time for your flight then you can use the Hoppa Bus service to any of the Heathrow Terminals, or you can get a taxi. With the proximity of the Park Inn to the British Airways hub at Terminal 5 and especially if you are travelling in a group it may be cheaper to share the cost of a taxi than individual Hoppa Bus tickets.

For a Family Hotels London we heartily recommend the Park Inn.

Moxy Hotel Heathrow

Heathrow Airport Hotels – Spoilt for Choice


With 8321 rooms between then, the 28 Heathrow Airport Hotels offer the full range of budget, size and amenities, and amount to the biggest concentration of hotels rooms outside of a city centre. The easyHotel scores a double at both the cheapest and with just 74 rooms the smallest, whilst The Park Inn with a whopping 895 rooms is the largest. If however you are looking for the ultimate in luxury there is only one five star hotel, the opulent Sofitel at Heathrow Terminal 5.

Early morning breakfast, evening dinner, lunch, drinks or a snack in between is no problem, the world’s cuisine is available to you. Full English or continental buffet breakfasts are served at the majority of hotels with special booking packages often available to our customers. Families are well catered for from trusted favourites at the Premier Inn to the fantastic all inclusive evening buffet served at Bravo Bravo in The Park Inn.