Heathrow Airport in 2 minutes

Heathrow Airport – A lap in 2 minutes

Heathrow Airport – The Perimeter Road

The video takes you on a high speed tour around London Heathrow Airport (LHR) in just 2 minutes, passing through terminals 2, 3, 4 & 5 along the way.

Using a GoPro strapped to the front of the car we took this video early on a Saturday morning. The time and day was chosen to allow a fairly traffic free drive around the airport with less stoppages than a weekday or rush hour may have given.

We have speed the video up 16x with the sections through the terminals at 8x to allow a little more time to view those. The video starts on the on the Northern Perimeter Road outside the Renaissance Hotel London Heathrow. We progress westwards past the Business Parking and car hire lots towards terminal 5. Entry into terminal 5 from this direction means a loop around the Sofitel Heathrow before rising up the ramp into the drop off area.

There are two drop off lanes at terminal 5, both are available for use by public vehicles and in common with the rest of Heathrow there is no charge to drop passengers. Terminal 5 is the British Airways UK hub and as such the vast majority of flights from here are theirs. If you are travelling in Business or First class then you may want to use the doors at the far end to enter the terminal, check in for those classes of travel is at that end of the building.

From terminal 5 we progress anti-clockwise around Heathrow Airport towards terminal 4, passing the VIP Windsor Suite along the way. Entry into terminal 4 past the wonderful and well connected Hilton Hotel London Heathrow Terminal 4.

After leaving terminal 4 we continue anti-clockwise around the airport on the Southern Perimeter Road before turning across the eastern end of the runways at Hatton Cross tube station. Onwards towards the newly refurbished terminals 2 & 3. Both terminals are served by the same drop off area that is accessed through tunnel under the 27R runway.

Lastly as we leave terminals 2 & 3, head back through the tunnel and exit we return to the start and the Renaissance Hotel.


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Heathrow Hotels with Car Parking

Heathrow Hotels with Car Parking – where is best for your flight?

Heathrow hotels with Car Parking

The majority of Heathrow hotels can be found to the north of the airport situated along the Bath Road, with easy access from the M4 and M25 and with relatively little airport noise its a great location. These hotels are good for Terminals 2,3 and 5 with easy access to any of those via Taxi’s or the Hoppa Bus service. Terminal 4 on the southern side of the airport has a few hotels dedicated to its terminal.

Its worth noting that Heathrow is served by London Underground with those trains stopping at all terminals. Travel between terminals on the underground is free, you are only charged is you journey on wards into central London. With terminal 4 some way from the others journey times are not quick, it is though free transport that may allow you to stay at an alternative hotel.

The main Heathrow hotels with car parking all have good restaurants and with those on the Bath Road so close together it may be that dinner in another hotel will better suite your preferences than dinner in your own hotel. If all else fails there is a McDonald’s in amongst them.

M4 or M25

The majority of Bath Road hotels are to the left of the M4 junction with a few including the very good Sheraton Hotel to the right. The Bath Road is a two way divided highway and whilst you can use side roads to turn it takes time with traffic lights and so on.

If you are arriving anti-clockwise on the M25 then keep an eye on the traffic around the M4 junction, it can at times back up on the approach to the junction, and as the M4 splits for Heathrow and central London. When busy you may be better exiting the M25 for Terminal 5 and then using the Western Perimeter Road to make your way to the Bath Road hotels. Again if arriving anti-clockwise on the M25 with heavy traffic between the M3 junction and Heathrow consider taking the M3 towards Twickeham and then into the airport from the eastern end.

What about aircraft noise?

When it comes to noise pollution there are two man factors to consider when looking for Heathrow hotels with car parking:-

  • Heathrow flying hours
  • Hotel Location

Heathrow has restrictions on when planes can fly and how many night flights can operate. There are very few flights between 11.30 and 06.00, with the numbers limited on an annual basis. Within this time period the majority of night flights are between 04.30 and 06.00.

Whilst the flying operations at Heathrow are outside of your control the location of the hotel is very much your choice, and not all the hotels are flight noise free! The map below indicates the main Heathrow flight paths, with the runways generally swapping mid afternoon between landings and take offs to distribute the noise.

Heathrow hotels with car parking on the Bath Road

The good news is that the majority of hotels on the Bath Road run parallel to the runway and as such there is very little noise from the planes.

There are a few hotels in West Drayton, the Crowne Plaza for instance that are very isolated from the airport. In addition the Sofitel at terminal 5 despite being on the end of the runway is so well sound proofed you again get very little aircraft noise.

Further to the east along the Bath Road the hotels get closer to the flight paths and whilst they are still well sound proofed there may be some aircraft noise.

Hotels for Terminal 4

Lastly Terminal 4 on the southern side of the airport and served by, amongst others by the Hilton T4 also alongside the runway and well shielded from aircraft noise.

Heathrow Flight Paths and Hotels


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which terminal Gatwick

Fantastic Airport Parking but for which Terminal Gatwick?

Airport Parking which terminal Gatwick – North or South?

Gatwick Airport has two terminals, North and South. They both serve the same runway and internally are broadly similar but each has its own airlines. The good news is that there is a free monorail running between the two every few minutes.

If your onsite airport parking Gatwick indicates it is for a particular terminal check with the operator how you transfer to the other terminal from the car park. If you are using one of the off site Gatwick Airport car parks then their shuttle buses will generally visit both terminals one after the other, the driver will be able to help if you are unsure which is yours.

Want a Gatwick Airport Map?

Our friends over at Gatwick Airport have some great maps detailing whats where at both the North and South terminals.

Use our Search Tool to find the terminal for your Airline

The search tool below allows you to filter by North or South terminals to see which airlines fly from which terminal Gatwick. Alternatively just start typing the name of your airline into the search box and the list will filter itself as you type. So if you are flying long haul with British Airways or Virgin Atlantic, or maybe you are just doing a short hop over the channel with Aurigny, either way check which terminal below.

Aer LingusSouth
Air Arabia MarocSouth
Air BalticSouth
Air CanadaNorth
Air EuropaSouth
Air MaltaSouth
Air TransatNorth
Aurigny Air ServicesSouth
Austrian AirlinesSouth
British AirwaysSouth
Cathay PacificSouth
China Airlines Of TaSouth
Croatia AirlinesSouth
Enter AirSouth
Iberia Intl AirlineSouth
Qatar AirwaysNorth
Royal Air MarocNorth
Sata InternationalSouth
Swiss InternationalSouth
Tap Air PortugalSouth
Thomas CookSouth
Thomson AirwaysNorth
Travel ServicesSouth
Turkish AirlinesSouth
Ukraine Intl AirwaysSouth
Virgin AtlanticNorth
West JetNorth

Things do change as new airlines arrive at Gatwick or for operational reasons on the day, so please check with your airline before you arrive.

City of Swansea Landor Livery

British Airways Landor Livery retakes to the skies

Continuing its centenary celebrations British Airways 747 City of Swansea G-BNLY landed at London Heathrow Airport sporting the historic Landor livery. The design adorned British Airways planes between 1984-1997 and features the To Fly. To Serve moto, a stylised Union Flag and the airlines’ centenary logo. The aircraft was repainted in Dublin and will continue to fly various long haul routes in these colours until its retirement in 2023.

British Airways already has another 747 flying in the British Overseas Airways Corporate (BOAC) scheme and will complete the trio with a British European Airways (BEA) painted Airbus A319.