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Fly me to the moon

You’ve worked hard all year; you’ve looked after that well-earned cash and now it’s time for you. Your bags are packed, you’re travelling companions are by your side and you’re off the airport. The holiday has begun.

For me that was the way it was from my first holiday with my fiancé to now 25 years later with my wife. We love travel. The journey to the airport and generally a hotel nearby the night before our flight became synonymous with the start of our time, with the start of our holiday.

So came along to let me indulge in that moment at the start of a holiday and to let me share that excitement with others.

Join us and share with us what it is that marks the start of your holiday adventure.


Heathrow Terminal 5 Driver less Pods – The Ultimate in Convenience

When you want to park and fly Heathrow Business Parking T5 driverless pods will whisk you from car park to terminal, in your own personal transit pod in just over four minutes.

The four seat computer controlled electric pods run on their own track from the Business Parking T5 car park directly into British Airways terminal 5, with plenty of space for luggage, and comfortable seating they are the ultimate in convenience.

Once you have parked your car make your way to one of two convenient stations, and using the touch screen controls call your pod. Once inside press the go button, sit back and let the pod take you on its journey.

As well as being easy, quick and convenient the pods are helping to reduce traffic and pollution from around the Heathrow site by saving many thousands of bus journeys per year.