A bag for life! or at least until you get home again

At first it’s somehow exciting watching the bags plop out of the chute onto the carousel. You look for the telltale signs, the ribbon, the sticker that says its mine. Bags keep coming, hands grab them from around you, other flyers start leaving. There are less bags now, just that beaten up Samsonite going around and around. Doubts start to creep in, we did pick collect all the bags from the shuttle bus back in London, didn’t we?

Wallets, handbags, camera’s, phones, hand luggage and hold luggage we all travel with something. And its not just the plane, not just the bits that end up on the carousel, its all of it on all of the journey. From leaving your home to arriving back again.

The airport hotel, the shuttle bus. Check in, security, a coffee in the lounge, that little table by your chair at the gate that still has your Kindle on it. Its a lost luggage minefield especially with all the distractions of a modern airport.

So how can you avoid losing your precious possessions? Well I call it the bag count method.

Before you leave your house, before you even open the front door get all your bags, hand luggage and hold luggage and line them up. Count those bags, how many hold luggage do you have and how many hand luggage do you have. Remember those numbers, share them with your group. Now every time you touch those bags, as you put them in the car, take them into an Airport Hotel, take them off a Shuttle bus stop, what ever it is you count them again. Pause your journey, take just those few seconds and count those bags, have you still got them all? This exact method has worked for me over the years, give it a go.

For the little bits, passports, phones, Kindles and so on then get into routine of always putting them in the same place, the same jacket pocket or bag. As with the bag count as you move form one part of the journey to another or as you move around the airport check they are where they should be. If nothing else by repeatably checking you will at least know the last time you had the item.

Happy Travels and please share you tips with us.